Why E-Discovery Now and Why  Cetra Technology? 

The days of producing or reviewing boxes of paper documents in the discovery process is rapidly disappearing.  Given the rampant increase in the use of technology in the past 10 years, the judiciary is expecting attorneys to properly produce and analyze gigabytes of data to find all relevant evidence.

The average hard drive holds about 5 GB of data but a network server may have a terabyte of data (1000 GBs). Reliance on the client to responsibly collect electronic evidence which may be potentially damaging is less and less defensible given the increased tendency for judges to hand down stiff sanctions where there has been a negligent or fraudulent data collection. Green v. Blitz  2011 WL 806011.

Rude Awakening for Small Law Firms and Corporations? Read why...



Your firm has been avoiding this because:

·         The technical language sounds unfamiliar and confusing.

·         A thorough e-discovery process requires hiring more IT support or cobbling software from too many different vendors to be effective.

·         You already invested in Summation or Concordance and that should be sufficient.

·         It's too expensive for non-complex litigation.

·         It will reduce your billables or put your paralegals and attorneys out of work.

·         You've been told you have to ship the hard drive data to the mainland for processing.

·         It's too expensive for a small firm like yours.

Judges, however, are losing patience and leveling more frequent and larger sanctions for e-discovery abuse or negligence.  Ignorance of the technology or the plea of prohibitive cost for conducting a full e-discovery are not "reasonable" excuses for failure to produce.

As Hawaii's only local service provider for two of the leading e-discovery software systems, EnCase and Clearwell, Cetra Technology now provides the Hawaii legal profession and corporate enterprises with an affordable, trustworthy alternative to traditional discovery methods.

What is  EnCase®  and Clearwell?                       

The Guidance Software from EnCase® is recognized globally as the world leader in digital investigations. Clearwell Systems is consistently ranked as the e-discovery industry leader by independent surveys and is transforming the way law firms, enterprises, and government agencies respond to litigation discovery requests, regulatory inquiries, and internal investigations. 

For law firms, Cetra Technology uses Encase's Guidance Software to reliably collect data from any computer or phone device without interfering with the source drive. Guidance Software can forensically detect any deleted or damaged files and reconstruct the missing data.  Cetra Technology then feeds the information through the Clearwell software which culls the data based on the parameters set in the attorneys' meet and confer:  time range, type of file to be collected and custodian to collect from. For Corporate or Government enterprise, Clearwell presents a fully integrated end-to-end system from collection to production.

Why EnCase and Clearwell from Cetra Technology?

As licensor of the Guidance and Clearwell software, Cetra Technology is the only e-discovery service provider located in Hawaii.  All other providers require sending data or hard drives to the mainland for processing. 

Small and mid-size law firms and organizations that use Cetra Technology no longer have to make a capital investment in e-discovery software which cannot be recouped from the litigation expenses. Cetra Technology's license of Guidance Software and Clearwell provides the following benefits:

·         Affordably offers an integrated end to end system that will lower discovery costs for the law firm, agency or enterprise.

·         Removes the need to incur expensive software package,  installation, maintenance and upgrade costs to conduct e-discovery tasks.

·         Allows reviewers to drastically cull nonresponsive, irrelevant data by at least 80% within minutes.

·         Attorneys get a very early assessment of what data has been collected, what key words are most prominent (suggesting relevancy) and who knew what when. 

·         Non-technical reviewers can easily tag, filter, word search, and concept search subsets of the data and create reports of the tagging and selection decisions.

·         Months of tedious document review are reduced to weeks for production with less need to write down billables for the review process.

·        Levels the playing field for small firms to compete with large firms in handling large or difficult to obtain discovery requests.

·       Eliminates reliance on client self-collection which increases the reliability of the collection process.

·       Inefficiencies and inaccuracies of traditional document review are substantially reduced and less subject to Motions for Failure to Produce and Sanctions.



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